CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDINGS: A current, valid dues card.

CLANDESTINE MASON: A Mason who has received the the degrees in a Lodge not recognized as regular by the Grand Lodge of the jurisdiction where it is located. No lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction is authorized to heal such a Mason. He stands as a profane and must regularly petition for and receive the degrees in order to be recognized as a mason.

COMPETENT AUTHORITY: For the purposes as herein described, shall include the actions of the Grand Lodge when convened during the communications of the Grand Lodge and those of the Grand Master during the interval between the Communications of the Grande Lodge.

DUES CARD: Certificate of good standing issued by the Secretary of a Lodge. Valid and current only from January 1st to December 31st of the year indicated on its face.

EXPULSION: The expulsion of a Mason is the highest penalty known to the Masonic law. It is an absolute deprivation of all rights and privilege’s of the Craft, and prohibits all Masons and Lodges from holding any Masonic intercourse or communication with him forever unless reinstated by Grand Lodge.

GRAND MASTER: This title applies, not only to him who has been elected and installed as Grand Master, but to any of the Grand Officers who shall have succeeded to the powers and duties of the Grand Master.

LECTURE: The principal lecture appertaining to each degree, at the time it is conferred, in accordance with the Ritual ordained by the Grand Lodge.

JURISDICTION: The jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge includes all Lodges and Masons within Arizona, and all Lodges and their members without Arizona, acting under its authority. The jurisdiction of a lodge includes separate jurisdiction over its own members and concurrent jurisdiction over all Masons residing in Arizona and not members of a lodge acting under the authority of the Grand Lodge of Arizona.

MASONIC INTERCOURSE: (Masonic Communications) – is the revaluation of the secrets of Freemasonry as written in our ritual.

MASTER: This title applies, not only to him who has been duly elected and installed as Master, but to either of the Wardens who shall have succeeded to the powers and duties of the Master.

NOTIFICATION: A notification, or a notice, is call issued by the Secretary, by order of the lodge or Master, or by other competent authority as herein before provided, to attend for some specific purpose at the time and place therein indicated, or to preform some specific duty therein set forth; and it is the duty of (Constitution and Statues page 44 of 151) every Mason to comply with its direction if he can do so without great inconvenience. It shall be either written or printed, and shall, when practicable, be personally served upon the Brother to be notified by a Tyler or some other Mason properly deputed for the purpose. If this cannot conveniently be done, it shall be left at the residence or usual place of business of such brother, or, if such residence or place of business is distant or unknown, it may be mailed to him, addressed to him at his last known place of residence; and this shall be deemed due to him at his last known place of residence; and this shall be deemed due and sufficient service.

OATH: Whenever under this Constitution or in the Ritual heretofore and now recognized and adopted by this Grand Lodge, an oath is required to be taken, a solemn affirmation may be accepted in lieu thereof.

PAST GRAND OFFICER: This title applies only to one of the elective Grand Officers who have been regularly elected and installed, and has served his term as such in this Grand Lodge and who remains a member, in good standing, of some Lodge under its jurisdiction.

PAST MASTER: This title applies only to one who has served a term as Master of a chartered lodge within the jurisdiction of this Grande Lodge, and who remains a member , in good standing, of one of its Lodges; provided that Past Masters of other jurisdictions who shall affiliate with a Lodge in this jurisdiction, shall be carried on the roll of Past Masters, but shall not be entitled to vote. The word “TERM” here does not mean any specific number of days or weeks.

PREMISES: (when free from restraint) – the Tyled lodge room. Preside – (a) to occupy the place of authority: (b) to exercise control or management.

REPRESENTATIVE: The representative of a Lodge within Arizona is one who, being a member thereof, in the event that neither the Master nor either of the Wardens can be present at the Grand Lodge, has been elected by the Lodge, has been elected by the Lodge at a stated meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose, by ballot, and by a majority of the votes present, to represent it at the next Communication. A lodge without Arizona maybe represented by a member of any Lodge under this jurisdiction, elected as before.

STATED MEETING: The stated meeting of a lodge is the designated meeting in each month at which all business may be done. It shall be designated as such in the by-laws of each lodge, and no adjourned or called meeting shall ever be considered as a part of such stated meeting.

SUMMONS: A summons is an imperative order, issued by the Master or by other competent authority, as hereinbefore provided, yo appear at such time and place as may therein be designated. The obligation to obey it is absolute and the penalty for disobedience shall be expulsion, unless it shall be shown that such was unavoidable or was occasioned by some pressing necessity. A summons for any purpose other than a trail may be served by mail. A brother receiving a summons has no right to question its legality or to refuse to obey it.

SUSPENSION, LODGE: The suspension of a lodge is an arrest of its charter and a temporary prohibition to assemble or work as a legal lodge, until again (Constitution and statutes page 45 of 151) authorized so to do by competent authority; and the act suspends all its members except those especially exempted from its effect.

SUSPENSION, LODGE MASTER: The suspension of the Master of a lodge is a temporary deprivation of his office, and prohibits all recognition of him in that capacity until he is restored by competent authority.

SUSPENSION, MASON: The suspension of a Mason is a is a temporary deprivation of all his rights and privileges’ as such, and prohibits all Masons and Lodges from having from having or holding any Masonic communications or intercourse with him until he shall be legally restored.

VACANCY: Vacancies in office either in a lodge or in the Grand Lodge, may occur by death, deprivation, resignation, removal from the jurisdiction, suspension or expulsion. A vacancy in any office of a lodge cannot be created by accepted election or appointment to fill another office, but only by one of the acts set forth here.